I am a granular materials physicist and Assistant Professor of Physics in College of the Holy Cross's Department of Physics. My primary interests are teaching physics at the undergraduate level, helping undergraduates develop scientific laboratory and numerical analysis skills, and researching the mechanics and dynamical properties of granular materials through experimentation.

After earning my Ph.D. in physics at Duke University in research involving stick-slip dynamics of granular materials, I was a Visiting Professor at Berea College. In that role, I taught introductory physics, classical mechanics, and advanced lab, and co-taught a general studies course (science for liberal arts students). I also mentored a senior student through a semester-long capstone project investigating high-speed granular impact and mentored two undergraduates in the Summer of 2022 in a new project investigating flow of grains through tilted hoppers. At Holy Cross, I am currently teaching the introductory physics sequence, thermal physics, and modern physics laboratory; I am establishing a lab to continue researching dynamics of hopper flow as well as granular flow in vibrating environments.