My name is Ryan Kozlowski; I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in Berea College's Department of Physics. My primary interests are teaching physics at the undergraduate level, helping undergraduates develop scientific laboratory skills (e.g., design of apparatus; image acquisition and analysis); and researching the mechanics and dynamical properties of granular materials through experimentation.

I recently earned my Ph.D. in Physics under the supervision of Joshua Socolar at Duke University and Karen Daniels at North Carolina State University. In my dissertation, I studied stick-slip cycles, transitions between stable solid-like and transient fluid-like states, in driven granular materials using table-top experiments with circular or polygonal grains. While I was carrying out my dissertation research, I also gained invaluable teaching experiences as a teaching assistant, instructor of record of Duke's modern physics course, and participant in a variety of programs focused on college pedagogy, including Duke's Certificate in College Teaching and Preparing Future Faculty programs. Now, I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at Berea College, teaching algebra-based introductory mechanics, classical mechanics, and advanced lab; I am planning to research with undergraduates next summer.